Frequently Asked Questions with Michael Chetboun

I, along with my colleagues, administer a 42-unit condominium complex but have little time to devote to building matters, despite the fact that they need attention. How can you help?

I want to be very clear on this: our role is not to replace the condominium board, but to lay the groundwork for the board to make more enlightened decisions. To do this, we prepare tenders, reports, communicate with co-owners, obtain advice from experts and reconcile accounts. It is then up to the administrators to make the decisions.

How can administrators follow the evolution of the work being done between meetings?

Sequoia makes all necessary documents available to board members on its website using a secured access. Administrators can consult these documents at any time. In essence, we provide them with a virtual dashboard for the smooth running of their operations.

What about the co-owners, how can they be informed with regards to the building?

Many administrators insist on the importance of transparency in what they do. They feel and rightly so, that co-owners must have easy access to certain key documents pertaining to the condominium, such as minutes of board meetings or basic documents like proof of insurance or the declaration of co-ownership. This is why Sequoia also proposes to provide online access to co-owners as well, so they can easily find the information they need.

So you remain in permanent contact with the administrators and provide everyone with easy access to information. What are you other major objectives?

Of course, for many co-owners, their property constitutes a significant part of their estate. Proper management of common areas necessarily results in the appreciation of the condominium and logically, of each private unit. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to work together to increase the property’s worth to its full potential.

In terms of image, the staff employed by the condominium play an important role, wouldn’t you say?

Certainly. First and foremost are the superintendents who occupy a key function in the life of the building. For employees to do their best and to feel that they are given important responsibilities, it is crucial for management’s influence to be felt. Employees will appreciate having a reliable partner to support them in their roles.

In a nutshell, what sets you apart from your competitors?

We favor communication and quality relationships, whether it is with administrators, employees or service providers. We enjoy developing close ties with our business partners and continue to demonstrate professionalism and integrity. Sequoia is without a doubt a company with a human touch.