Sequoia brings together a network of experts and partners to help you with all your real estate questions. Whether you are in the process of investing, renovating, converting your property or whether you are simply looking for trustworthy advice in your search for a building or financing, don’t hesitate to contact us..


Real estate acquisitions

Are you thinking of purchasing some real estate? With a detailed financial analysis of your goals, we can advise you on the benefits of each property, according to fiscal parameters, interest rates and your projects in the short, medium and long term.


Condo conversions

In cooperation with teams of notaries and land surveyors, we can help you turn your rental properties into condominiums. We’ll assist you in understanding the particularities of financing and of municipal requirements in doing so.


Trustworthy collaborators

You are looking to purchase a property and are looking for a reliable real estate agent? Do you need financing at a more favorable rate? Looking for a team of competent decorators? With our years of experience in real estate, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a team of service providers who honor our reputation.