Buildings of more than 10 units have to be run like businesses: it is necessary to continually look for ways to optimize profitability while ensuring their appreciation. To reach this double objective, Sequoia focuses on:


Optimizing efficiency of processes

Higher returns involve optimized management processes and modernized technological solutions (smart cards, time clocks for superintendents, etc.). Particular attention is given to the relationship with the superintendent, the linchpin of a well-run building.


Improving profitability

Logically, this entails a reduction of operational costs and an increase in rental revenue, which requires a policy for tenant satisfaction, for methodical increases in rents and the constant search for improved technical solutions.


Increasing worth

The preservation of your real estate investment and its continuous appreciation demand specific attention not only to the small renovations that are always necessary, but also require a long term plan to optimize structural investments. These costs have to be methodically planned in order to make the most of tax benefits and to maximize cash flows.